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What should we pay attention to when using a UV disinfection lamp?

Q:What should we pay attention to when using a UV disinfection lamp?

      A:   Currently most of UV disinfection lamps sold on market realize disinfection by using UVC light with a wavelength of 254 nm emitted by mercury lamps. Although UV lamp can effectively sterilize, even a short-time exposure of UV light could cause direct harm to human body. For example: 1. If our eyes or skin is exposed to the light of UV lamps for more than 3 minutes, it might exceed the human body safety limits set by WHO and ICNIRP. 2. A direct exposure for 15 minutes would harm cornea and lead to electric ophthalmia. In this case, both eyes would suddenly feel a serious pain, be afraid of light, shed tears or suffer from spasm of eyelids. 3. A long-time exposure would harm eyes and skin, causing eye trauma and serious burn to skin, and might even lead to skin cancer. Therefore, when UV disinfection lamps are used, related safety regulations should be strictly followed. People should be isolated from working lamps to avoid a direct exposure to UV light. Besides, to achieve efficient and sufficient disinfection, the dosage of UV radiation should be monitored and calibrated, which requires a UV sensor.