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Company Profile History & Milestone Quality Certification

January 2021

GaNo Opto obtained ISO9001 quality control certification.

July 2019

GaNo Opto’s headquarter moved to Suzhou and upgraded chip manufacturing facilities were constructed.

November 2018

GaNo Opto won the honorable title of “National High-Tech Enterprise of China”.

May 2017

GaNo Opto sold its 1,000,000th UV sensor chip

March 2016

GaNo Opto launched its high reliability SiC UV sensor product, which made GaNo Opto a leading company in the world owning both GaN and SiC UV sensor manufacturing technologies.

August 2015

GaNo Opto’s UV sensor products obtained RoHS, CE and FCC certifications.

September 2014

GaNo Opto began volume supply of GaN UV sensors, and became a leading company in China to commercialize high performance UV sensors based on wide-bandgap semiconductors

October 2013

October 2013 GaNo Opto was established in Zhenjiang and obtained its first round of venture investment