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Ultraviolet index of sunshine
Various portable ultraviolet index testing devices
 Smart wearable devices and outdoor sports facilities, after being integrated with an ultraviolet (UV) sensor, could achieve a real-time monitoring of the intensity of UV radiation in sunshine and then provide suggestions for skin care and protection. According to statistical data of World Health Organization, the morbidity of skin cancer in U.S. is nearly 20%, that's to say, on average one in five people will suffer from skin cancer once in his life. Besides, this number is still increasing year by year. The high morbidity of skin cancer is directly related to the excessive exposure to UV light.

     According to the market research report issued by IFSA, 38% of the respondents wish that in future every smart phone should be integrated with a UV index sensor. Therefore, the potential market demand for UV sensors is huge.
     Since the transparent window area of a mobile phone or a smart wearable device is very limited, it poses strict requirement on the size of UV sensors. In 2014, GaNo Optoelectronics has released the smallest GaN UV sensor in the world.