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UV Sensing Module
High sensitivity ultraviolet sensing module

In order to facilitate the use of weak ultraviolet light detection in application scenarios by customers, gallium sensitive optoelectronics has developed a high sensitivity ultraviolet sensing module with multiple bands. The sensing module can select current or voltage signal output according to customer needs, and has the characteristics of high sensitivity, reliability, and stability. It can be used in application scenarios such as weak ultraviolet detection, biological detection, and arc detection.


UV Sensor Module

To help customers fasten their product development process, GaNo Opto developed a low-cost UV sensor module with built-in amplifier circuit. The module has analog voltage output and its signal amplification magnitude can be preset based on customer’s request.


UV Sensor Evaluation Board

To help potential customers facilitate their UV sensor performance evaluation process, GaNo Opto developed a UV sensor evaluation board with digital I/O interface, which supports both SMD- and TO-type packaged UV photodiodes. Users could use our serial communication host software in PC to directly receive measurement data from the evaluation board.


Control Software for the UV Sensor Evaluation Board

Control software download